Parent's Info

Dear Parents,

We have created this website to give your child an opportunity to learn and understand more about how they can use the Angelic Kingdom to help them in their lives. Everyone has their own personal Angel guide, they just need to know how to use them and how to work with them and to ask for help. Once they start to use the Angels and Archangels they will notice a difference and so will you. They will feel safer, happier, freer, reassured, more empowered, more loved and more understood.

Talk to your child about the Angels and ask them if they can see them, feel them or hear them. You might be suprised at what you hear. There are so many children who see their Angels and we feel that now more than ever there is a need to acknowledge that what they are seeing is real. Maybe your child has told you things that they have seen or heard? Maybe they have an imaginary friend?

While your child is exploring this site, allow the ideas to come from them and help them to trust their intuition especially when creating their guardian angel and giving him or her a name. Help them when it is needed but it's important to give them space.

If your child would like to draw a picture of their Angel, please encourage them and remember to let the ideas come from them. It doesn't need to be perfect and if they want to send their pictures to us that would be great and we will put them in the gallery for others to see.

Enjoy the journey with your child and remember - love your child, listen to your child and laugh with your child and have fun with the Angels.

Love & Light,
Terri & Jacqui


Terri Allen

Terri is a certified Holistic Educational Therapist for children with Autism, ADHD and for children with emotionally challenging behaviors . She is a certified Crystal Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and certified Reiki Master.

Terri is the founder of the Angels Of Light School in Dubai for the past five years.

Jacqui Gray

Jaqui has worked for 26 years in the field of early childhood development focusing particularly on children with special needs and behaviour problems. Jacqui is a certified Reiki Master.